the christian big bang theory




Most of my Christian life, I’ve felt as though there were “something big” out there for me to do. That it was just a matter of time before I realized exactly what the “big thing” would be, and that it would hit me square between the eyes and I would have no doubt as to what I was “called” to do.

It would be like the big bang theory. One minute, nothing. The next minute, POW! … 

My mission in life would flash before my eyes.

And lemme tell ya’. It was going to be a BIG mission. Something like adopting four orphans from Africa (never mind that I already had three children of my own that I could barely keep up with). Or maybe I would become a nurse and have a huge ministry on the side, ministering to sick people (and never mind that I’ve been sick most of my life and don’t have the energy to be a caregiver).

Well, in some ways I was right. And in other ways, there’s still no such thing as a big bang – Christian, or otherwise.

I was right in that there was something big for me to do. It’s called being a wife and a mother. I was wrong in that there would be some explosion of revelation or light bulb moment. Instead, it was a very slow process. It was trying a little of this, and a little of that, until God worked in my heart and gave me peace about my mission.

In a lot of ways, having a weak and sickly body with a go-getter personality is a cruel thing. There’s such desire and passion to get out and do things. To pursue this avenue and that avenue. This project and that ministry. I mean, let’s face it, there’s work to be done on this earth! Good, godly work.

But isn’t there good, godly work to be done at home, too? And maybe we (I) just get discontent with it, because it’s not flashy, hip, or modern?

What’s so great about washing towels and underwear?

What’s so great about making french toast in the morning, and hamburgers for supper?

What’s so great about writing this blog post?!

Nothing, if you look at it from the world’s perspective. But if you look at it from God’s perspective, and you do those tasks with the heart of I Cor. 10:31, which says, “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”, then all of a sudden, those tasks have a very high calling attached to them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I’ve resigned myself to solely flipping burgers and folding underwear. Yes, that’s part of my calling. But since I’m in the beginning stages of empty nesting, there will soon come a day when there aren’t enough patties and undies in a day. In fact, that day is already here. And while there are missions outside of my motherly and wifely responsibilities that have been revealed to me, none of them came via a big bang …

They came in a whisper … 

In a friend softly saying, “You’re really talented at writing. You should think about pursuing it.” It came in my husband assuring, “The lack of extra money is worth you staying home and writing.” It came in the Holy Spirit saying, “You have a story to tell. Glorify me in that story, and trust me that all the hours you spend alone in the living room pecking at the alphabet will eventually reveal that glory and make me look like the good God that I am.”

So maybe my mission didn’t come in the form of a big bang.

But that doesn’t lessen the importance of the mission. 


Woops. Dryer calls!

Pardon me while I recycle the laundry and finish writing the prayer I was working on.

Or, if you want to put it another way …

Pardon me while I continue my mission. 😉


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  1. Ashlee Wilkenson says:

    Love this one. :)

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