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MeAndrewFishWhen Andrew was on break at work today, he sent me a text. Nothing unusual about that. We have a virtual conversation every day. But this text was different.

I don’t have permission to share the gooshy details, so you’ll have to trust me when I say that the child rose up and called me blessed.

Blessed, I tell you. The kind of blessed that brings tears to your eyes, and makes you hopeful that the last (almost) eighteen years of labor have not been for naught …

All the rocking to sleep. The many sleepless nights of praying Pslams of repentance over him (and me). The mounds of dirty diapers changed. The lunches fixed. The math drills. The clothes washed. The birthday parties I wasn’t always sure I could afford. The baseball games in freezing snow. The family devotions he at times sat through because it was required, not because he wanted to.

Nobody is guaranteed their child will grow up to love the Lord, let alone their mother. I’m certainly not here to tell you that when your child reaches adulthood, he or she will call you blessed and love Jesus. Proverbs says that if you raise up a child in the way he should go, when he is old, he will not depart from it. But Proverbs are basic principles – not guarantees.

On the other hand … how old is old? Age 18? 32? 78?

There is always hope, so long as the heart of your child beats. So keep laundering. Keep wiping the snotty noses. Keep talking about Jesus, even if your wisdom seems to fall on deaf ears. Above all – keep praying.

We toil, but God does the ultimate work of converting the soul. I praise Him for His ongoing work in the life of my “little” one. I will be praying He does the same, gracious work in the hearts of all precious little ones of Northern Ridge ~ that we as parents will not grow weary, but rather work as we trust Him to do the ultimate work.

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  1. Lois C says:

    Parents need this kind of encouragement. That verse in Proverbs has been my motto for years. It has worked for my two children, and as for my grandchildren, mostly. I have a grandson that I have prayed about since he was tiny, but it never seemed to matter. Then about 3 years ago he began showing a change of heart and mind (praise God) and he is teaching his 6 year old daughter about Jesus. He is now 38, so in his case 35 must be “old.” Thanks Brenda, this has touched me.

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