Meanwhile, Back at the Farmhouse


Tomorrow, I will officially move back into the farmhouse. Life there will still be like camping out for me, as I am the designated fire starter/maintainer (no complaints there, I love my wood stove!), and am still unable to touch the well water (yay, no dishes! boo, no showers!). But being there full time makes it much easier to complete the list of what needs to be done before we put it on the market. It also allows the sweet couple I’ve been staying with to get their nursery finished for their little one, who is due to come into the world soon-ish.

I will be forever indebted to that sweet couple for allowing me to come and recuperate in their home. The first five weeks I was there, I did nothing but sleep. They probably wondered at times if I was lying in “my” room, dead and decaying in their beautiful condo. Ha! But the sleep, coupled with Physical Therapy and nutritional injections have served to get me back on my feet a bit, and I feel compelled (err, panicked) to get back to work.

Am I worried I will go backward health wise, now that I’m back? If I’m honest, yes. I am already not feeling as well (I’ve been spending most of my time there lately), especially where my pain levels are concerned. It could be that I’m pushing my body too far with all the work. It could be environmental. I think it’s both. But the goal is to just hustle our bustles and get the work done so we can be out. In the meantime, there’s another sweet couple who has volunteered to let me shower at their place and even stay the night as needed. So, if I get too worn out or sick, I can retreat to their place for a breather. And I mean that literally, as the farmhouse air can get a little … uhm … interesting.

Our goal remains to have it on the market by March 1st. A death in the family has likely postponed that date. But, as has been the norm since we moved here … we simply continue to do what we know to do next, and we will get to a selling point whenever the time is right according to divine providence. “Doing what’s next” usually involves painting, sorting, hacking and burning weeds, and fixing everything that goes wrong in the midst of it. The norm here is two steps forward, and thirteen back. We fix something, and another something goes wrong. It’s like we are living in this crazy phenomenon where we’ve been put here to learn how to deal with ongoing, exhausting frustration (don’t ask me how that’s going). I’ve never been able to figure the phenomenon out, but one day, I’ll likely write an e-book about it. I have no idea why anyone would pay to read about a year of not so pleasant surprises and my subsequent nomadic living, but I promise to make it humorous and serious and spiritual and all things … Brenda, I guess. (I’m not a very good sales lady.)

But first … a move. And second … the completion of my first book. Lord willing, on both accounts.

So that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. At least for today.

Now carry on, readers. Carry on with your normal lives that I unashamedly envy.

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