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Thoughts on Good Friday

Why do we call this day Good Friday and the post-Thanksgiving shopping day Black Friday? It seems we would call a good thing, dark. And a bad thing, good. Perhaps we should reverse the titles. The shopping day could be called Good Friday and the day Christ died could be called Black Friday. When God […]

Thoughts on Easter

I’m a little leery of writing publicly around this time of year. Some of my worst childhood memories took place the night before Easter and in my struggles with the past, I don’t want to slip and accidentally convey any sort of negativity or (God forbid) heresy when speaking about something as precious as the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. So I stay […]

How to Hide in Christ

As an introvert, I often say I can be anywhere for any period of time, as long as I have a little corner to retreat to periodically to regroup, calm down, and focus my thoughts. But life doesn’t always allow such luxuries. When Corrie ten Boom found her and her loved ones prisoners in a […]

Following in the Sandy Footsteps of 21 Martyrs

The morning I saw the photos of 21 men in orange jumpsuits being escorted to their own beheadings, many questions popped into my head: Why?  What kind of evil takes place in the hearts of people who pride themselves on becoming gruesome, murderous exhibitionists? What can we do to stop them? But the biggest questions […]

Meanwhile, Back at the Farmhouse

Tomorrow, I will officially move back into the farmhouse. Life there will still be like camping out for me, as I am the designated fire starter/maintainer (no complaints there, I love my wood stove!), and am still unable to touch the well water (yay, no dishes! boo, no showers!). But being there full time makes […]

Christian Liberty and Fifty Shades of Grey

  I have hesitated to say anything about the book and upcoming movie entitled Fifty Shades of Grey. There’s a plethora of articles out there written by both secular and Christian authors, and in some way, that makes me think nothing else needs to be said. I’ve also figured that I would merely be preaching […]

I Don’t Know Everything – And Neither Do You

Most of what I write publicly is simply me talking to myself, hashing out Biblical truth to get my mind straight – then sharing it with you. And while I could write about that for three lifetimes, the fact is, the Bible doesn’t talk about a lot of things. And that means that I don’t […]

What It Really Means To Be Blessed

I don’t know what pops into your head when you hear the word “blessed.” I know when the subject is brought up in either Christian or secular circles, many folks rattle off lists that center around possessions, health, wealth, social status, job status, friends and family. Fair enough. But where does that leave those who […]

A Straightforward Post on Parenting

But now, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8 Shaun has confessed many a time that when he first started parenting, he thought our kids were little lumps of clay that, with a bit of work from […]

Hypothermia of the Heart

On my bucket list, #3 reads: Shoot a deer. Three years ago, I decided to try and cross off #3. So we headed to my hometown of Montrose to roam hills that are typically laden with bucks, does, and fawns. Elk, too. Pastor Mike tagged along that year, and the plan was that he would […]

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