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Why One Woman Hasn’t Quit Facebook

Imagine this: A pastor preaches a sermon on compassion. Said pastor’s wife listens to said sermon and begins to wonder how God could use her more in the area of compassion. She’s chronically ill, and to add something more into her schedule seems too taxing. To say it in Scriptural eloquence … her spirit is willing, but her flesh is weak. […]

Jesus, I Am Wrestling, Wrestling

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul says he will gladly “boast in his infirmities.” It’s a bit of an odd statement, if you ask me. Not only does it contradict the way the world operates, it also seems to contradict his statement in Galatians 6 that says God forbid that I should boast except in the […]

A Sense of Justice

  (photo credits: Brenda Renee Photography. Used with the permission of Krista Esch) There’s a term that doctors use to describe certain medical conditions. It’s called idiopathic. It means that though disease is present, there’s no known cause. Unfortunately, an idiopathic diagnoses typically means help is unavailable, and the patient is then required to simply […]

The Hulk, Spider Man, Captain America … and Me

  Well that’ll teach me to write a blog about being all back to myself. Sheesh. Thanks to all who prayed last night while I was in the ER. Woke up yesterday feeling very tired and dizzy, went to church, came home and ate, slept a while, felt much better, got up to get dressed, […]

Thoughts on Coping with Chronic Illness

  In my experience, there are several ways to deal with chronic illness: 1. Ignore it and act like nothing is wrong. Ever. 2. Don’t ignore it, but act like it doesn’t affect your every day life and you anything you can do, I can do better. 3. Embrace it. Do what you can, when you […]

The Conundrum of Gastroparesis

“You should let people in on your pain, rather than hiding it.” Nobody has actually uttered those words to me. But nevertheless, I hear them. I’ve mentioned before that I never want to become the old lady who has nothing to say but a crotchety update on her arthritis and bowel movements. Still … there […]

Splashes of Hell

Before I talk about splashes of hell, I’m going to give you a splash of honesty: I’ve been growing increasingly sick and tired of being sick and tired. Rather than go into boring specifics about that, I’ll just say that because of my crabby patty attitude, I recently asked the Lord to give me a […]

The Silent Sickness (Part 1)

They say to write what you know. I’m not a highly educated girl, in terms of having diplomas and degrees in my grubby little hands. So – according to most people, I don’t know much. Most of my education comes from reading on my own, and since I am a sucker for awesome stories and […]

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