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How to Handle Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding. The mere sound of that word can be painful. We all know what it is to be misunderstood, don’t we? And Jesus knew it better than we ever have or could. Can you imagine all the inaccurate thoughts clanking around in the heads of the onlookers who attended His crucifixion? Some thought He was a criminal. […]

What It Really Means To Be Blessed

I don’t know what pops into your head when you hear the word “blessed.” I know when the subject is brought up in either Christian or secular circles, many folks rattle off lists that center around possessions, health, wealth, social status, job status, friends and family. Fair enough. But where does that leave those who […]

Real Life Trust

A few days ago, it was raining so hard it seemed like buckets of water were being dumped on the windshield. Ashlee, who was driving, turned to me and asked “Is this real life?” A few days later, when we were eating lunch with baby(ish) Jack, he began to stare so deep into space I […]

Jesus, I Am Wrestling, Wrestling

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul says he will gladly “boast in his infirmities.” It’s a bit of an odd statement, if you ask me. Not only does it contradict the way the world operates, it also seems to contradict his statement in Galatians 6 that says God forbid that I should boast except in the […]

The Way to Wisdom

God is wise. And one of the great things about this (and many attributes of God) is that His wisdom is communicable, or transferable. Because God is wise, we can be wise, too! Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world that offers many other ways to find wisdom. Horoscopes, palm readers, various religions, and good […]

Five Minute Friday: In Between

It’s Five Minute Friday! Ready, set …. GO! In between: It’s neither the beginning or the end. It’s the middle. Like in a race – after the excitement of a new start has worn off, but before catching site of the finish line. It’s the hard part. It’s life. It’s the in between. It’s after […]


  So that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. ~Acts 17:27 When I read these words, I tried to imagine what this hoping and groping look like in our modern, every day American lives. […]

Looking Unto Jesus

  If there’s one thing I’m confident in, it’s that I’m not confident. Why am I not confident? Because I don’t feel adequate. Why don’t I feel adequate? Because … I’m not. Not adequate to write this blog, not adequate to be a good wife or mom or disciple or sister in Christ. Feelings of […]

how can i keep from singing?

  On our way home from church a few weeks ago, Shaun turned to me and said, “I heard you singing this morning.” I opened my mouth to apologize (hehe), but he was finishing his statement. “I think you have a very pretty voice.” No, he’s not an awful husband for not telling me sooner. […]

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