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The Truth About Bruce Jenner

Sometimes, I get stuck in the Psalms. I used to avoid them because they were cryptic and poetic and I just didn’t get it. Somehow, God has grown me out of that frustration and into the mindset that a Psalm a day tends to keep the blues away. Part of what fascinates me is that the Psalmist speaks words of comfort and […]

From My Farmhouse Diary: His Eye Is On The Swallow

“Go five steps south of the where go-cart track turns west. Then four, maybe five paces east.” That’s what my preacher-farmer-husband tells me when I can’t find the nest on my own. I find his directions to be spot on, and when the nest at the foot of the tall patch of grass finally comes […]

Do What You Know

A few years back, I was talking to a cousin of mine about spiritual matters. As we bantered back and forth, he began lamenting about modern day churches and the hypocrisy he saw “every time he walked through the doors.” “If they would simply read the Bible, pray every day. Why is that so hard?” […]

piano hands, pitter pattering feet, and a pin cushion

      I hear the unfamiliar sounds of pitter pattering feet, and the shaking of a rattle. Dora the Explorer sings ridiculous songs in the background. I feel the wet spot on my jeans where the baby spit up on me. Activity constantly swirls around my kitchen table, where my computer is set up. […]

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