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Jesus, I Am Wrestling, Wrestling

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul says he will gladly “boast in his infirmities.” It’s a bit of an odd statement, if you ask me. Not only does it contradict the way the world operates, it also seems to contradict his statement in Galatians 6 that says God forbid that I should boast except in the […]

Thoughts on Coping with Chronic Illness

  In my experience, there are several ways to deal with chronic illness: 1. Ignore it and act like nothing is wrong. Ever. 2. Don’t ignore it, but act like it doesn’t affect your every day life and you anything you can do, I can do better. 3. Embrace it. Do what you can, when you […]

The Conundrum of Gastroparesis

“You should let people in on your pain, rather than hiding it.” Nobody has actually uttered those words to me. But nevertheless, I hear them. I’ve mentioned before that I never want to become the old lady who has nothing to say but a crotchety update on her arthritis and bowel movements. Still … there […]

Here, There, and Everywhere

As most of you know, Shaun ruptured (completely separated) his Achilles tendon a little over a week ago. This tendon plays a rather important part in holding a person together, and more specifically, in keeping a foot attached to a calf. I know … Ouchie. I am not normally weak stomached when it comes to […]

The Silent Sickness (Part 1)

They say to write what you know. I’m not a highly educated girl, in terms of having diplomas and degrees in my grubby little hands. So – according to most people, I don’t know much. Most of my education comes from reading on my own, and since I am a sucker for awesome stories and […]

diary of a wimpy hunter

  Dear Diary, I really wanted to go hunting all throughout the week, but I felt a little wrapped up in family matters and being the camp cook. By Thursday, all of the birthday parties and family gatherings were over, and I was ready to let the other hunters order a pizza for supper if […]

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