Book Review – Effacement by Hieronymus Hawkes

Effacement has thrills where it needs to while at the same time, offers an interesting take on one possibility of the future. People still question the morals behind technology controlling everything we do. Perhaps this is something we shouldn’t be taking for granted.

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Book Review – The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding


The main gist of the book is the Adler family seem perfect on the surface, but as you read on, you realise they are anything but. Each Adler has their own dirty secret, some dirtier and uglier than others.

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Mini Book Review – The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art Book

As part of my ongoing journey into writer’s block and writing itself, I was pointed towards this book by a reader. I’d like to post a mini-review to go over the most important parts of the book that might help other writers out of their writer’s block. So the key points to take away from […]

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Writer to Writer – Writing to a schedule or writing when it’s right?

Writing Life Image

I am hoping that someone will reply to this post because I am kinda stuck at the moment. I have been enjoying writing every day but the weekend got away with me due to other commitments (Sundance was on so reviews had to be written) so now my writing blog sits here unattended. So what […]

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