TV Series discussion – Jane Austen’s “Sanditon”

The characters and the story really got me thinking about the very essence of love itself and how we, as humans, can be so easily swayed and consumed by it.

I’ve just finished watching Sanditon which we practically binge-watched because it was so good. But the characters and the story really got me thinking about the essence of love itself and how we, as humans, can be so easily swayed and consumed by it. And this led me to my next question, which is, does love have a standard? Is there even a limit to how much or how little we can care about someone until it becomes “love”.

I’ll take a stab at the question and say that the answer is probably no. Love can take so many forms. There is also a very dark side to love that many of us might consider being anything but love. It seems unquantifiable. Which is why I started to think about how the many facets of love are explored in a tv show based on Jane Austen’s unfinished manuscript, which has now become a TV series called Sanditon.




One of the most exciting aspects of this show is how every character in it is touched by “love” on some level and whether we agree or disagree with what transpires, it’s still very much a story about love. I actually found the main characters a lot less interesting than some of the others such as Esther Denham and her stepbrother, Edward. You can look at their relationship and squirm at the thought of how “love” can ultimately become a person’s obsession until it breaks them completely. It’s still a facet of love, no matter how dark it becomes.

I actually found some of the plot a little more than cliched. Two people who come from opposing sides of society meet, despise each other for a time until the tension between them becomes so apparent, even a blind person could see it. This is the least realistic aspect of Jane Austen’s story. There is just too much Pride and Prejudice in there to win me over. And that’s the beauty of it, really. While the show may be carried on the shoulders of the two leads played by Rose Williams and Theo James, their relationship is actually the least impactful. That is, until the very end. To say that the situation between our two leads is left somewhat undecided would be an understatement but it’s this kind of plot twist coming out of nowhere that really made this show worth the while.

And the most delicious thing of all is I found this show on Tumblr purely by accident and now I am a devoted fan. While there hasn’t been any confirmed details on a second season, I wouldn’t be surprised if the creators decided that the future of Charlotte and her wayward love, Sidney cannot remain untold.

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