Why Is Proofreading So Hard?

Via Writing Academy Blog
Via the Writing Academy Blog

I recently found this excellent article about why proofreading can be a difficult skill to master. Here’s an example of a proofreading challenge quite a few people failed, including me!

Take a look at this image below. Can you spot the mistake? Most people can’t, and that’s because of the way our brain plays little tricks on us. There are plenty of other challenges like this that I’ll be blogging about to challenge our proofreading skills!

Via Vappingo

Wired also wrote an excellent article about why you shouldn’t proofread your own writing. It makes a lot of sense that your brain can be trained to see or “unsee” certain things when you are reading and writing. And that’s why it’s better to get someone else (hopefully a trained proofreader), to proofread your work. Would you want to send your final grade project to your teacher full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? Luckily, there are a lot of resources online where you can learn about proofreading or upskill to become a better proofreader and/or editor.


Did you spot the error in the top image on this page? This is why proofreading is an important skill that requires time, patience and dedication to learn. All aboard the proofreading train!

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