What is the Most Important Tool in the Editing Process?


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I wrote about the process of editing the other day. I wanted to clarify the topic even further today. I wasn’t trying to say that Grammarly isn’t an important part of the process but that it’s an option. You have to have a process.

Don’t disregard the power of Grammarly as a tool. But don’t become reliant on one tool alone. You’re writing needs to be clear, and free of errors and spelling mistakes. What you write has to be readable for anyone and everyone. After all, we want the world to read what we write and for people to understand it, right?

Most people think of editing as a laborious process. And it sometimes can be. But if you want your writing to stand out in a crowd, you need to make sure it’s as good as anything else out there and then some. Why would anyone read your writing if you’re not respecting the process of creating it? You want your writing to be the best version of itself it can be.

The most important tool in the editing process isn’t Grammarly or even Hemingway. It’s you. The process begins with your passion to write and to make it better. I am not saying this because it sounds good. I am saying these things because they can work for anyone willing to put in the effort.

I have only started using more than three different methods to edit what I write. Like anything, it takes practice. This article on Medium discusses self-editing and is informative. Apply the things you’ve learned. Have you become a better writer as a result?

Please let me know about your process in the comments!

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