Diary of a Freelancer – May 2020


Just a quick post about what I’ve been doing on the writing front. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve started on Cristian Mihai’s The Art of Blogging Free Course. I’ll write a more in-depth post about this later on, but so far, it’s been straightforward and easy to follow.

Second, I am conducting a small cross-site writing experiment to gage information on content-specific posts so I can get a better idea of what my audience wants to read. And I’ll blog about this process once I complete the experiment. I’ll also be running a few polls to get more information.

I’m also planning a detailed post all about freelance writing on Medium, which I’ll be looking forward to writing.

And lastly, I spent a sizeable chunk of my time today changing and rearranging things on this blog to make it easier to navigate. And I’ve made other changes, which I’ll blog about in a later post.

How are you getting on with your own writing? Anything engaging to talk about? Please leave me comments about your personal writing journey as I’ll be keen to read them!

Until the next post, stay safe and keep writing!



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