One-Shot – Name That Movie!

Think you know your movies? Consider yourself a movie buff? Sweet, let’s put that knowledge to the test in a movie trivia game!


I saw this game being played on Twitter, and since I follow a lot of movie buffs, critics and the like, I thought it might be fun to start using this game here.

So the idea is to show just one image from a movie, it’s probably better to use blockbuster movies or well-known films that most people would know for it to work for everyone. Once you have an image you want to use, you post it, and people comment on the image and try to guess what movie it’s from.

I’m going to start with an easy one to start things off, and hopefully, people can guess which film it is.

Please note that the object of the game is to guess, so try not to use Google or anything to assist you (that’s kind of the point of the game!)

Clue #1 – It was initially a book, then a movie and then it was remade into a TV series in 2018

Clue #2 – It’s definitely not a movie for kids (although some would debate that it could be)

Think you know what it is? Let me know in the comments!

As always stay safe, keep watching and reading and I’ll catch you on the next post.

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Thank You!

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10 thoughts on “One-Shot – Name That Movie!”

  1. I’ve definitely not seen this movie. The picture is oddly confusing. The bunnies hugging looks cute and kid-like but the fact that they’re covered in claw marks makes me think maybe kids aren’t the target audience? Then you say some would debate it could be a kid movie and I’m just real confused. lol

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    1. Haha, no worries, it is confusing because, as you said, they’re bunny rabbits! But I think that’s the most intriguing bit about this film. It’s actually based on a book and I just double-checked the rating. It was rated PG but I definitely wouldn’t let kids watch this outright, at least not without supervision. The image gives it away but it gets very dark in some parts and violent. Thanks for commenting V 🙂


      1. Yeah I wanted the first couple of these to be a little easier as not everyone is as crazy about film as I am 😛 So I figured this one would be relatively easy and you got it first try! Are you more of a reader than a movie fan or a little of both?

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      2. Hmmmm I suppose it all depends. I go through periods of intense and focused reading, and other times where I am really into watching movies (or shows). I just sorta follow my feelings. Now, if it comes to a movie or show that is based on a book, I usually tip towards the book. For example, I read A Song of Ice and Fire and watched Game of Thrones, but I really disliked the show. Just couldn’t get into it the way I did the books. But, that said, I’m not one of those people who like to lord over others that “the books are better.” Mostly because I like to avoid the whole “subjective-objective” debate when it comes to literature, film, art, and so on. That is a separate topic, though.

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      3. Ahh I see. I was the exact opposite for GoT, I couldn’t get into the books no matter how many times I tried to read them and I tried several times. There was just something about the way GRRM writes that I didn’t like. Yeah I don’t do the whole “books are better” thing either and that’s because I’ve seen some movie franchises where the movies were actually just as good if not better than the books 🙂

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      4. It really depends on taste and the type for story, not to mention like 1,000 other factors. I liked the GoT books because I like that sort of story. But that didn’t have anything to do with my not enjoying the show. I just didn’t get into it, it wasn’t for me, which I think some people would misinterpret as me saying “the books are better!”

        There are a handful of books and movies where I have stronger opinions. I prefer the books World War Z and I Am Legend more than the films, but I also like the films as being stories. I love The Hobbit but wasn’t a big fan of the films, even though they have some fun moments, but felt that the LOTR trilogy was magnificent and easier to enjoy than the books.


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