The Broken Quill’s May 2020 Watch List

Wayward husbands, two ex-lovers on the run, and the return of a female Russian assassin are all on my watch list this month.

There’s a lot of media out there waiting to be devoured by hungry pop culture junkies. We really are spoiled for choice right now.

So here’s a little update on what I’m watching and what I think makes each of these shows good enough for you to consider watching yourself!

You’re welcome.



TV-MA | Comedy, Romance, Thriller | TV Series (2020– )

Two ex-lovers activate a long-planned escape to disappear together.

Creator: Vicky Jones

Stars: Merritt Wever, Domhnall Gleeson, Rich Sommer

“Run” is such a catchy title for a tv show, don’t you think? It sums up everything you
really need to know about this show and then some.
The first impressions were great, and the trailer did a decent job of dishing up just enough to make you hungry for more. Two exes on the run, but how did it begin? And who are they running from?
That’s probably one of the most complicated questions to ask about this show. There’s a lot more to the “reason” behind why they’re both running. It’s not as clear cut as it seems and it gets a lot messier with each episode.

Count me in, I’m down for getting messy!

Killing Eve

Killing Eve
Via IMDb

TV-14 | 42min | Action, Adventure, Drama | TV Series (2018– )

After a series of events, the lives of a security operative and an assassin become inextricably linked.
Creator: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Stars: Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh, Fiona Shaw

Killing Eve is crazy-good. And I don’t say that lightly. In fact, I think I may have developed a bit of “streaming snobbery” over the last few months because I won’t watch just any old thing. There’s no time for that anymore! For me, it’s quality or nothing.

The lead characters are just so complicated. Their personalities are multi-layered with so many twists and turns, sometimes you just don’t know which way is up with these two. And that’s what’s so appealing about it!

If you have yet to watch Killing Eve, consider checking out the trailer to see if it’s something you might be into.

It’s also worth a mention that both of the lead actresses; Sandra Oh who portrays Eve, and Jodie Comer who portrays the assassin “Villanelle” have won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for their roles in this show.

Yup, it really is that good.

The Affair

The Affair
Via IMDb

TV-MA | 1h | Drama | TV Series (2014– )

A struggling novelist and a young waitress strike up an extramarital relationship that promises to change the course of their lives, forever.
Creators: Hagai Levi, Sarah Treem

Stars: Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney

First off – this is an old show with its first season releasing in 2014. And this hidden little gem was more of an accident than an actual choice of mine to watch. I hadn’t heard about this show anywhere or read about it, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a show worth investing time in that nobody was talking about.
Some critics don’t like to look at awards as a way of determining the excellence of a tv show or film. This show has racked up four Golden Globes, one for each of the show’s lead actresses and one for Best Drama. That warrants at least a look at the first couple of episodes in the first season.

If you check out any of these shows, please do let me know in the comments so we can chin-wag about them.

Stay safe out there, keep watching, keep reading, and I’ll catch you in the next post.

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