30 Day #FilmTwitter Film Challenge – Day Two

The second task in the 30 Day Film Challenge taken from #FilmTwitter is:

2. A film you like that starts with the first letter of your name

My first name is Julie so that’d be the letter “J”. I actually had to refer to my Letterboxd profile for this when my partner blurted out “Jaws” and I had to stop scrolling. I’m going classic, and I’m going old-school for this one. While there are a lot of good movies in my list that starts with the letter J such as John Wick, Joker to name a couple, they’re not Jaws.

Image Source Universal Pictures

I remember feeling terrified the first time I saw Jaws. I was never the same after watching it, that was for sure. But I think Jaws may have been one of the first movies that started my whole fascination with horror films. It’s definitely up there with some television shows that are even older. An oldie but a goodie, Jaws cannot be denied.

The book is even better than the film – and a whole lot scarier.

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