Poetry Prompt – Charles Bukowski The Post Office

I saw this quote on Tumblr and felt inspired to write something using this line from Charles Bukowski’s book – The Post Office (which I have not yet read).

Let me know if you’ve read it and what you think.

And this is the quote that inspired my poem:

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

No title

I was a girl that was shy

Too shy to look up in the street

Too shy to look up at all

Never knowing my worth

I continued to live a life

Feeling very undervalued

Today, I am still

That shy little girl

That sometimes stands tall

And looks a person in the eye

But sometimes I feel the pain

Of that undervalued person

That felt they had nothing

To be proud of

Sometimes, who we are

Is something we cannot hide

Sometimes, who we are

Really is that person in the mirror

Looking back at you in awe

Because you are still here

Despite all the pain,

You are still here

And that is who you truly are


Thanks for reading. I’ll be updating this blog every now and then when I feel inspired to write just like today. Thanks for your support and interest in my blog.

Stay safe out there!

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