Questions for Writers #1

It’s been a while since I’ve been active on this blog. I did attempt to confirm what has been taking a lot of my time in one of my previous posts here. And I have been busy getting into the routine of writing daily on two blogs at once, which has had its challenges. I made a “pact” with myself to write every single day since the 4th of March this year, and I am proud to say that I have kept to that promise thus far. But there has been an emptiness deep inside which I know can only be filled with creative writing. Over the years, I have written a lot of content but I’ve had significant issues finishing anything I write. I have started so many fanfics and short stories that are just halted and never picked up again. I seem to run into the same wall every time. Out of all of the short stories I have started to write, I have only actually finished one, and it wasn’t very good – at least in my opinion. I had published excerpts of some of my writing over on Darksider Confessions back when that blog was my “everything” blog. But that’s about as close to publishing my own writing as I’ve managed to get.

I have written for others for work – magazines, lots of blogs and websites etc. But none of that counts as “writing” for me. Creatively, writing fiction has always been the one thing that has remained constant my whole life. From my very earliest days writing on school “refills” in my binder to now, fiction is where my true writing self resides. If that makes any sense?

So the topic of this post is Questions for Writers #1. So my question is as a writer, do you think it’s better to publish as you write or to wait until you write something in its entirety and then publish? I suppose this only really refers to writing in chapters and I know that there are websites like Wattpad that cater to readers who love reading by the episode. I think writers on Tumblr do a similar thing.

I was thinking about using Wattpad. But the small amount of time I spent on the website just overwhelmed me, and I found myself quickly retreating with my tail between my legs. I was very intimidated. I think I stared at my profile page for 30 minutes or more without doing anything when I finally decided to leave and not return. I’ve been back since, but the same feeling always takes hold, and then the fear starts to eat away at me little by little. I see so many writers on that site who have thousands of readers. And I understand that to get to that point or to any point takes effort and time. And everyone has to start somewhere. But to say I was afraid to share my writing is an understatement. I doubt that what I write would interest anyone. The other thing is that I write for so many different genres as well, including fantasy, sci-fi, western, romance you name it, I’ve probably done it! I can’t seem to settle into one thing.

Anyway, the object of this post was to vent a little about writing and being a writer and hoping that someone out there understands my pain.😫 Does anyone else use Wattpad? I’d love any advice I can get on writing using Wattpad. I don’t think I can use this blog for my writing because it’s just so fragmented and I think I’d just annoy readers with my stopping and starting process that I seem to have.

I will also be writing here on a more regular basis as well, adding this to my other two blogs. I swear that three is my limit!

Looking forward to any feedback I can get, thank you for reading.

If you’re interested in my other writing pursuits, you can visit my Star Wars and Creativity blog here, or if movies are your thing, you can check out our movie blog right here.

Thanks for your support!

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