Poetry in the Age of COVID – “Mask”

“Wear a Mask”
That is what they say
You don’t have to listen
You don’t have to obey
It’s still your choice
It’s still in your control
But remember that the virus
Doesn’t choose its victims

Let’s hope and pray that tomorrow
Will be a better day
But you’re still not doing
What they asked
“I won’t wear a mask!”
Is this defiance or idiocy?
Sometimes I wonder…

I see children holding onto the hands
Of their parents without a mask
Their children without a mask
What if it was your child?
Could you handle your defiance then?
Maybe it’s something more…
Maybe it’s something that I’m missing
I still don’t understand this world

You don’t wear a mask and someone dies
Would you be okay with being “the one”
Would you be okay with spreading this disease?
I know I couldn’t… because I also know
That I respect the people that I love
And I respect myself when I know
That life is literally in your hands

Please, wear a mask…

© Julie Gray

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