100-Word Challenge and Neil Gaiman

I have seen various other writers on WordPress using this type of writing exercise as a way to hone their skill and tighten up their writing. I’ve decided that I want to do this and I won’t make a habit of doing one every day as yet. I want to see how well this works. I am also doing something I never thought I would do, which is contemplating taking this writing course – MasterClass with Neil Gaiman. I just read this fantastic review over on The Write Practice by Ruthanne and honestly, if you can spare the money and the time to do it, it sounds like it might really be good for a lot of writers out there – especially if you’re a fiction writer.

UPDATE: I decided to take the plunge after listening to Neil’s introductory video clip, I knew this course was for me. I haven’t even thought about writing a novel. I’ve written multiple short stories, many of them unfinished. Perhaps with Neil’s guidance, I can bring out what I need from within to finish these stories and give them to the world.

Listening to Neil talk about bringing his stories to life and how he struggled to do it really resonated with me. So much so that I ended up crying at the end of it. I am such a big baby! But it really did strike a chord with me, to hear someone as prolific as Neil talking about difficult moments at the beginning of his career. He talked specifically about not wanting to give his stories to the world because he didn’t want people to judge him. And that is precisely what has crippled me for so many years as a writer. My fictional stories have barely seen the light of day although I did try to feebly feed some of it in small chunks to my readers on my other blog. Other than that, the only published work I have is what I’ve done as a freelance journalist. And I realise now that while writing in that field was achieving some of what I wanted, I could have taken it a step further and worked on my short stories. I didn’t do it because I was afraid.

Now I feel so embarrassed to admit that I was crippled by my own doubts and fears, and I could have done so much more if I had pushed myself harder. I am hoping this course will help me get beyond this hurdle so I can finally feel satisfied as a writer and proud that I moved beyond my fears.

I guess this will be a “to be continued” moment for me. But I’m ready to dive into this course, and I’ll be blogging about it as I go if I get enough time to do that as well. The exercises that you get as part of the course are quite intensive, so I will be spending a lot of time on that. And one of the activities is to write 100-word stories which I’m going to try out.

Also, if you’ve had any experiences with writing workshops or courses that you’ve taken to help you with your writing journey, please let me know in the comments as I am keen to hear about everyone’s personal journey as a writer.

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there.

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