A Conversation with the Sky

As my awkward tears fell

Against the Sky dressed in majestic blue

And jewels of sparkling sunlight

She looked down upon me and asked

“Why so dreary child?”

I shrugged my weary shoulders in reply

For what could one truly say

To the goddess of the Sky?

“Does my sunlight not warm your bones?

Do the clouds not make you dream of a better place?” she asked

I swallowed and lowered my head

For her words made my face red

With all this beauty in the world

All this wonder around me

And even the Sky to pity my tears

How could I feel this way?

How could I want to die?

How could I want to leave this world?

And all this beauty behind?

“There there child,” she said

“Sadness touches us all. But it is important to remember that there is always someone who loves you

There is always someone who yearns for your smile, someone who truly cares.

Do not ever forget that you are never alone and that someone in this world considers your heart their home”

© Julie Gray

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2 thoughts on “A Conversation with the Sky

  1. Nice post! I think I’ve had similar conversation with the sky. LOL! Thanks for the little reminder at the end. In these times, we truly need to remember those that love and care for us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and for the kind words 🙂 And yes, I agree that we all need to be a little more tender and a little more caring of ourselves and others 🙂


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