Who Inspired You to Write?

While formulating blog post ideas to keep things ticking along on my blog, I came across a list of ideas and found this one which I’d never thought of before. I think we need to reflect on the people in our lives who have touched us in some way about writing. So for this post, I actually have a small story to tell about someone in my life that influenced me.

This memory takes me all the way back to when I was a teenager. One of my best subjects was English (naturally), and writing and reading were two of my favourite things to do in school. My English teacher was someone in my life at the time that always had my best interests at heart. As a result of having a lot of personal and family-related issues, I struggled to do well in one of the most critical years for students. I barely passed the exams even though in previous years, I was head of my class in almost every subject. And I failed in the one subject I had excelled at all year which was English. As a result of my low exam grades, I had to re-do some of those subjects, including English. My teacher found out about this and immediately went to the dean to get me bumped up to the next year where she felt I deserved to be.


This teacher will always be someone I remember from my past because she was selfless and caring and wanted her students to succeed. And I will never forget her or what she did for me back then. She is definitely one of the reasons why I write today.

Do you have any similar stories about people that have influenced you in your life? Or can you remember someone from your past that you admired and helped you to follow the writer’s path?

Let me know if you’ve got a similar story to share – just leave a comment and I will always reply.

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