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When I was clearing out emails yesterday, I came across an invitation from a publication on Medium to write for them. I was not aware that writers were being “invited” to write for publications on Medium but apparently, it happens. I checked out the publication and I liked what I saw of it. It’s a publication that allows its writers to write about almost anything they want which is quite rare on Medium. To write on Medium, you should be ready to target a specific audience and write for that audience. But this publication has a wide collection of subjects to choose from which appealed to me. So I wanted to update this blog about that news as it did surprise me and has got me thinking about writing there again.

I get that writers over there focus on getting their articles read to earn money. But with that comes the added pressure of adhering to very high standards to ensure your articles stand out. It’s difficult to do. But I think I might integrate writing articles for Medium into my daily writing routine and see where it takes me.

Have any of my readers experienced writing for Medium? Do you have any tips worth sharing? Please let me know in the comments.

If you’re interested in my other writing pursuits, you can visit my Star Wars and Creativity blog here, or if movies are your thing, you can check out our movie blog right here.

Thanks for your support!

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  1. I’ve earned a few bucks putting my articles on Medium, and I don’t lose anything because I was going to post those articles anyway. So it’s a great place for you to submit to, provided you’re posting articles and not diary-style posts, though the traffic isn’t a given. So I say give it a go!

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    • Oh yeah, I’ve posted there before although it took me an entire year to do it lol. I think I know the types of articles that do well over there but I found them quite boring to write which is one reason why I stopped lol I am just not the “write about x topic everyone else cares about and 15 reasons why they should do this or that and what happens if they don’t” type of writer I guess. So I’ll have another think about it 🙂



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