Untitled 05

Twisting and turning
Inside this nightmare
We’ll call it love
Obvious deceit
It’s my sudden
and awkward
Can’t hide from you
But worst of all
Can’t hide from myself
Crying over
the wreckage
that’s left
of my heart
of my soul

I’d be lucky if
I could walk away
Don’t listen to
the pleas from you
to stay
Get out of my face
Get out of my way
Don’t listen to
the pleas from you
to stay

If it was
easy to forget
take it with a pinch
of regret
Stagnant love that
became a coffin
If only you’d let
me go
If only you
had let me know
That this was never
I doubt it was even
Let you deal
the final strike
Too numb to
stay and fight
Knowing all along
that I was right
It was never ever love
And I doubt
it was even like

© Julie Gray

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2 thoughts on “Untitled 05

    1. Yeah thankfully poetry is a good way to get out things buried deep in your past which is usually what I use it for – it’s therapy for me. But other times it’s a feeling I get when I listen to a song or read something in a book and get inspired by that character or event. I haven’t had to write painful poetry about myself for many years which makes me feel very blessed 🙂


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