Horror Special Halloween Writer Showcase Week Two

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be focusing on a different horror genre author each week to celebrate Horror Month and Halloween.

This week I’m choosing an author I haven’t read before but people seem to really like this author’s work so I did a little homework and it turns out that their book is rated in the top 48 scariest books by readers.

Mark Z. Danielewski

So the book that Goodreads readers seem to hold in high regard is “House of Leaves”. My partner has read this book and he told me I would like it so my challenge for this week is to read as much of this book as possible and review it when done.


If you have any recommendations for horror, please let me know and I’ll feature your suggestions in my next Halloween Special in this blog series.

Stay safe, wear your mask and I’ll catch you all in tomorrow’s posts or in the comments.

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Thanks for your support!

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