NANOWRIMO 2020 And Feedback

I’m not sure if any of my readers will be participating in this and since it’s only done in the U.S. I’m not entirely sure anyone outside of the U.S. can even participate officially. What I’m looking for is some feedback from anyone that has participated in this event for novel writing. If you did, what was your experience? Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Did it help you to improve as a writer and if so, in what way?

I’ve read some experiences from some writers but most of them are already established authors so I would love to hear from anyone that isn’t a published author who is participating or thinking of doing it this year.

Also, I’ve been submitting my untitled short story in parts over the last few days and I’ve noticed that I’ve lost some readers (just on the story, not from my blog just to clarify). This is making me question things that I’m possibly doing wrong or something that I’m missing in my writing. I’d love your feedback if you’ve been reading my short story – constructive criticism is always welcome. Please leave a comment or two if you’ve read any of it, doesn’t matter if it’s only one part – I am happy to take any and all advice you have to offer 🙂 I also realised that I have written 19,000 words for this short story which kind of makes it a little longer than a short story. What I am trying NOT to do is edit it as I mentioned earlier – it’s a very rough first attempt and I wouldn’t even call it a draft. But it’s something and I’ve never shared it with the world until now.

Thanks for reading friends, I should have the next part of my story up later on today.

Please give me any feedback you have, it will be much appreciated.

If you’re interested in my other writing pursuits, you can visit my Star Wars and Creativity blog here, or if movies are your thing, you can check out our movie blog right here.

Thanks for your support!

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