I have felt extremely creative this past week and I am more excited to write now than I have been in a long time. I think that is mostly because I have finally released some of my writing on the world and (I think) a few people are enjoying it. Even if it’s only one person reading what I write, that has given me the incentive to keep writing. So I have actually thought out a premise for my second short story following the current untitled story of Milly and Ethan which is the short story I am publishing here on my blog. It is getting quite close to the end of that story and I’ve slowly started writing a rough outline of where I want to take the story next.

It is actually an exciting time to be writing and I am so happy to be doing it. So thanks again to anyone who has read my story or continues to wait for me to upload the remainder of the story – you have given this writer a very good reason to keep writing.

I am finishing off the editing of the next part of the current story right now and should have it online tomorrow 🙂

Thanks again and as always, all comments are welcome 🙂 Thank you to all my readers for your support.

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