A Small Taste of My Follow-up Story – Ethan

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As this is an excerpt, you won’t be familiar with some of the characters mentioned below. So that’ll be a surprise if you decide to continue reading Tales of the West Book One. I’ve also omitted key sentences so as not to spoil the story too much for you 🙂

Ethan sat there, motionless on his horse, the rain trickling down his face, across his lips and down his neck. He could feel the soft droplets running down his back, and it felt comforting. He closed his eyes then and thought of Milly.

Whenever he felt frustration coming on, he’d think back to those earlier days of him and Milly Runnin’ with the gang and feelin’ like they could do just about anything. It was something he hadn’t done in a long while–to sit and think of the past he wished he could somehow find a way back to.

Ethan slowly opened his eyes. And with that, the dream was over. The past made him feel better, even when he was at his loneliest, which wasn’t all that often. But when it came on, it was somethin’ wicked and hungry, etching its way down to his gut and makin’ a hollow feeling right there. It was like an endless darkness he could just fall into.

Ethan clenched his teeth, pulled on his horse and kept riding, and he wouldn’t stop until he found the path to Earl’s homestead.

He didn’t think of what he might find when he finally found Earl. Ethan was hellbent on finding him, but the consequences of doing so never mattered to him. He had doubts, but they were questions he didn’t wanna answer.

What if Earl was waiting for him? What if he wasn’t alone and had a gang of his own ready to jump and kill him dead? Ethan’s mind went to these places sometimes, but only for a second. Part of him was okay with meeting his end. But there was another part of him, a much larger part that didn’t wanna let go of seeing Milly again.

As he was thinkin’ on this, he pulled on his horse’s reins just in time to catch the small, hidden path winding downward away from the main valley road. He had missed it the first time alright, but only once.

Ethan steadied his horse, pulled it back around and rode like the devil himself was after him.

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