To all my supportive readers: This is the final part of Milly’s story so if you have read through the entire thing, you are finally at the end of Milly’s journey (for now). The story is continued in the second part of Book I which is Ethan’s story and I am currently writing that as we speak! Since I have been lucky to find a few loyal readers who read the whole thing (I think!), I will be uploading each part of Ethan’s story as I write it here on my blog. Thank you again to anyone that read and liked Milly’s story – you have given me the precious gift of wanting to continue with a story I stopped writing years ago.

© By Julie Gray

Milly played by Eliza Scanlen

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Ethan played by Boyd Holbrook

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Running Elk was surprised to see Milly return so soon, but he soon realised why.

Milly shed many tears before she could speak of what had happened. And every time she tried to explain, she would only cry all over again.

Running Elk took Milly to a special place he said was sacred to his people. He said it might help Milly grieve as it had him when he had suffered loss.

When Milly was finally ready to talk, Running Elk wasn’t surprised to hear that Milly didn’t end up shooting Ethan.

“I did not think you could kill Ethan, Milly… your love for him far outweighed your feelings of loss for your parents,” Running Elk said

“He was just lying there … and I left him lying there in the street …” 

“He saved me again, Running Elk–I just don’t understand. I was there to shoot him… and he knew that. Why bother saving me?” Milly asked.

“Ethan had demons of his own to fight Milly… we all have shadows we run from. Some we defeat and others… well, others become something else… “

“The gang will probably be after me now… they would have found Ethan’s body and they’ll think it was me, no matter what, they’ll be coming for me,” Milly said

“Let them come. The new day will dawn, Milly. And we will face whatever it brings …”

Milly turned and pulled her dog close. The dog wagged its tail approvingly and yawned.

Milly wasn’t sure of what tomorrow would bring, but whatever it was, she wouldn’t be facing it alone. 

And wherever the Jackson Brothers were, Milly knew that if or when the time came to face them, she would be ready. 

                                                                              – The End –

You may continue reading about Milly and Ethan in Tales of the West Book I Part II – Ethan.

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