NANOWRIMO Diary – Day 12

NANOWRIMO is kicking my butt a little this week. I am currently on day 12 (probably a day ahead of you if you’re in the USA) and I’ve been watching the word count diligently while I’m writing. It seems that I’m having to steal any little moment I can to update my story inbetween everything else I’ve got going on in life. And while that may not be as much as some people, it always seems like time is escaping from me faster than it should and I run out of time to write.

These updates somehow keep me sane and on track with everything which is why I’m writing this now and not my story. I also had some questions as well to any of my readers who use Wattpad – have you had any experience at all with uploading your stories to Wattpad and if so, what was it like? I looked at Booksie recently but I’ve also kept Wattpad in mind and was thinking of uploading my story there.

I suppose I should consider uploading it anywhere I can but I am hesitant to do that. WordPress is kind of where I hang my hat and I’d like to continue just publishing what I write here. But it seems a lot more challenging to get readers to follow me on WordPress. I don’t actively promote my stories anywhere really so that’s probably another thing I need to do.

Also, I read somewhere that some readers don’t like the serialised approach to reading stories online and I guess that’s what I’ve been doing here. Can you please let me know if you think it works or doesn’t work for you and why? Any feedback I can get will be much appreciated.

Anyway thanks for reading, I hope you’re all keeping to your NANOWRIMO schedules and getting through it 🙂 It’ll be so great when you have your finished draft at the end!

If you’re new here, my current story is the second part to Tales of the West Book I Part I which you can read right here. The first part is Milly’s story which you can read right here.

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