Tales of the West Book I Part II: “Ethan” – Part II

Author’s Note: This is Part II in Book I of my series Tales of the West. You may read Part I: “Milly” here.

Genres: Fiction – Western/Action/Romance

Please be aware this story has elements of violence, gun violence, murder and death.

Ethan played by Boyd Holbrook

When the gang finally returned to the Old Miller Farmhouse, Ethan was feeling a lot better and was strong enough to move around. 

Jed took out his pistol and walked right up to Ethan, pushing it right up against his head.

“You’re gonna pay for what you did… you and your bitch are both gonna pay!” he said

Ethan stood his ground and didn’t give Jed an inch. He looked Jed square in the eye.

“Jed! We done tellin’ ya… it’s your word against his so get the hell off of him!” Holden said, pulling Jed back away from Ethan.

“That bitch stabbed me… and killed James! Are you just gonna let him waltz on back like nuthin’ happened?!” Jed yelled, staring at Holden and Floyd.

“It’s his fault James is dead!”

Holden pushed Jed towards the door.

“I think you need some fresh air boy… take your brother with ya” Holden said

Jed turned around and left the house with his younger brother Lincoln following closely behind.

Ethan watched them both leave. 

“Little brother… you made a couple of enemies when you brought that girl into the gang. Now, I ain’t sayin’ anything different but… gang’s gotta vote on what we gotta do about it” Holden said, sitting opposite Ethan.

Ethan was touching the back of his head where he fell. It was still tender to touch.

He let out a sigh.

“I dunno what to tell ya Holden–they crossed the line when they attacked Milly,” Ethan replied

“Look Ethan—we hear what you’re sayin’ but this gang’s been ridin’ together a long time. Jed may not be that important but James… he was one of the original members way back when you were knee high. That’s gotta count for somethin’” Floyd said.

Ethan stood up and looked at his brother

“Yeah well… I guess you gotta decide between blood and… whatever he is caus’ I ain’t changing my mind about that son of a bitch” Ethan replied

“And when did you recruit Jed’s brother?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah… we got a few things to talk about” Floyd replied

“Sure, looks like it” Ethan mumbled, walking away

Holden looked at Floyd and shrugged.

“Goin’ back to bed… wake me in the mornin’–I’ll be ridin’ out with ya” Ethan replied, turning away and walking back to his room

Before Ethan closed his bedroom door, he could hear the muffled voices of Holden and Floyd talking about Jed. 

He stood at the doorway and listened in

“Jed’s bringing his cousin Earl with him when he returns. We need to boost our numbers with James dyin’ and Milly gone”

“Well, we’ll see if we need him. Ethan’ll be back to his old self soon enough,”

“You know Ethan ain’t never gonna let it go and we can’t have fightin’ in the gang” Holden replied

Floyd looked up and Ethan quickly ducked out of sight and slowly and quietly closed his bedroom door.


You can read Part III of Ethan’s story right here.

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