I Made a Cover for Milly’s Story!

Hi there writing buddies! So just a little something I wanted to share. I kept thinking about the images I used for my story which were pretty last minute and not really well-suited to my story. The one for Milly was fine but I chose a random one for Ethan. So to make it feel more like something I’ve created I designed the following “story” cover:

Made by Julie G

So that’s the update I have – I also made individual images for the story using the image above so now I have proper images I can use instead of the ones I was using before which I’ve updated on the relevant pages.

Now it feels like something special to me since I took the next step and designed a “story” cover it feels a lot more legitimate 🙂

Let me know what you think or if you have any feedback for me! Thanks again to all those people reading my stories – it really does make a huge difference to my focus as a writer as I aim to grow and move forward.

Stay safe out there and I’ll be updating the blog soon with the next part in Ethan’s story.

You can read Tales of the West Book I Part I Milly right here. The second story in the series is Part II Ethan’s story which is currently a work-in-progress and you can read the first parts right here.

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