NANOWRIMO Diary – Day 15

Hello again, my fellow writers! Just a quick update on my progress during NANOWRIMO. How are you doing with your drafts? I hope you are all doing well and achieving the goals you have set for yourself!

I’m now on day 15 of my NANOWRIMO challenge. I have a countdown on my blog to keep me on track so I know exactly how many days I have left to finish this draft. I’ve come across a few challenges since I started writing for NANOWRIMO. And I have never written this much before but in saying that, I have reached one of my NANOWRIMO milestones today which is the soft target I set myself of 25,000 words!

I have been sticking to the word count and going over it on some days and planning the main events of this story has helped me immensely. I also do not write in chapter order. Some of what I write is following the chapter order you see on my blog but I do write ahead and jump several chapters when I get an idea that I think is going to work well for my main characters or their development. And then I write the rest of the chapters around and in line with the chapters I’ve already written ahead in the time line of my story (if that makes sense?)

You’ll notice I don’t call my project a novel or a book. While I have used “book” as a way to separate the stories I am writing for Tales of the West, it’s for reference only. I feel too intimidated to use the words “novel” or “book”. Perhaps one day I might but right now, all I am focused on is the development of my characters following the story outline and getting those words written. It is VERY hard not to edit as you go but I am getting to that point now where I no longer stop to edit, I just write. That is my only goal – write the story and make changes later. And since I am updating my blog with what I’ve written – it helps to keep me on target.

I never dreamed of doing NANOWRIMO – I never dreamed of writing a second part to the short story I wrote several years ago. And now these characters have truly come alive for me in my head once more and it’s so exciting to think that someone might actually like the characters I’ve created and this fictional world I’ve created for them. I focus on that feeling and it really helps to motivate me. It is one of the most inspiring feelings I think a writer can experience, at least for me.

If you’re new to my blog – thank you for coming and welcome! I will assume you’re here for the writing so my current story is the second part to Tales of the West Book I Part I which you can read right here. The first part is Milly’s story which you can read here.

Thank you for your readership, your likes and your support, it means the world to me.

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