Writing Update and Welcome to My New Readers!

Yesterday I tried posting my story update at a different time just to see if it made any difference to the amount of views I was getting. Turns out it doesn’t so I am going to continue posting at the same time in my time zone. I know there are some readers who may be getting notifications of my posts and they may have missed it yesterday – I updated Ethan’s story with this post here for those who may have missed it. I know that the WordPress notification system is not the best – I’ve missed important comments on my other blogs as a result of the notifications not working correctly.

I’d also like to welcome the new readers I have had recently – some of whom have followed me from other blogs so they must be glutton’s for punishment 🤣 Thank you to each and every one of you.

Pin on Guitar

I’ll be updating my blog with the next part in Ethan’s story later on today at the normal time so look out for that update if you’re reading my current short story. If you’re new to my blog, my first finished short story titled “Tales of the West Book I Part I – “Milly” can be found right here.

Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in the next post or in the comments!

If you’re interested in my other writing pursuits, you can visit my Star Wars and Creativity blog here, or if movies are your thing, you can check out our movie blog right here.

Thanks for your support!

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