Milly and Ethan Get a Poster!

Those of you who know me well will know I spend almost as much time in Adobe’s software as I do writing. Creating is my favourite thing to do whether that be writing fictional stories or making something using Adobe’s Photoshop/Illustrator etc. So to take a break from writing, I figured since I created covers for my Tales of the West stories, a poster would be next. So here it is:

Made by Julie

I also made an animation of this poster but for some reason, when I upload it, the entire image is like super huge and there is no way to edit the parameters to make it smaller in WordPress. I tried changing the pixel dimensions as well but there is something overriding them in the WordPress block or code so that didn’t work either.

I converted it to GIF so now it looks okay and not so huge:

Blood red for Milly and Ethan – is that a sign?

Anyway, thought this might be nice to do and some of my readers might appreciate it 🙂 Sorry for all the Milly and Ethan image spam lately – I’ll calm down now, I promise 😅

Thank you again for reading and for those following my Tales of the West stories, the next part of Ethan’s story should be ready in my next post.

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