NANOWRIMO Diary – Day 23

Hello again, my fellow writers! The days are ticking by and I am now in day 23 of the challenge.

So I had a bit of a writing meltdown the other day which I’ve been told is totally okay if you’re doing NANOWRIMO or any writing challenge at all. I know that I should be celebrating what I’ve achieved and how far I’ve come but when you’re stressing out you don’t think all that logically. Did I manage to get beyond my writer’s block? I did, actually! I did it by reading through my very first story and getting a feel for what brought my characters to life for me in the first place. I think that kinda grounded me a little. And then I did something that I learned from Stephen King which is move away from the current scene in the story and go forward. I actually write like this so I create future scenes between my characters and name the chapters 00 01 etc so I know how far ahead they are from the rest of my story. This kinda worked for me and while I haven’t recovered entirely from the couple days off that I had, I am a lot further along than I expected to be at this point.

So now I am building the rest of my story, novel, novella whatever you wish to call it around future scenes I had already written. So far, so good. If I continue this way, I might get the 50k done in time which is HUGE for me.

On the Wattpad front, I’ve created my profile, filled in my “About” page and that’s about it. I’m spending time looking at other people’s profiles and stories and getting to know the place a little more. I am still not convinced my writing will find its audience there or that anyone will read my content at all. And I guess that was my biggest concern a few days ago. And while I do not want to dismiss it (because it felt very stressful to me at the time), I am not focusing on that and acknowledging that I won’t know anything at all about Wattpad unless I am prepared to brave the cold water and dive into the ocean.

So that’s where I am at currently with both NANOWRIMO and my foray (semi-foray) into Wattpad. How are things going for you all? I hope they are going a lot smoother than my experience thus far. And if you ever need someone to vent to or chat to about NANOWRIMO or writing in general, please feel free to drop me a comment – I will always endeavour to reply.

If you’re new to my blog – thank you for coming and welcome! I will assume you’re here for the writing so my current story is the second part to Tales of the West Book I Part I which you can read right here. The first part is Milly’s story which you can read here.

And as always thank you for your readership, your likes and your support, it means the world to me.

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