NANOWRIMO Diary – Day 27

Hello fellow writing buddies. It is getting ever so close to the end of NANOWRIMO which will be Monday the 30th so we are 26/27 days into our challenge. The time went by very fast I feel, much too fast to really understand and appreciate the whole process. I feel like I have been in an out of sleeping and eating and writing and working and nothing much else this month. I was not prepared for the undertaking let alone the stress it would cause me. But I think I have come through the other side feeling relatively positive about it.

I am at the last part of Ethan’s story and my NANOWRIMO journey – I have roughly 10,000 words left to write to hit the 50K target. And when I do, I am going to cut the story in half or at least edit out a huge chunk (as this is a first draft). And I may edit it for days so I don’t know how that will end up in terms of Ethan’s story. It will change, that much I can tell you before I am happy with the final result. It will evolve as all writing should until it’s ready to be told in its entirety. Not sure I am ready for that quite yet.

I have nourished these characters through my writing and with it I have grown as a writer. I struggled, I will not hide that fact. And I don’t know if I’ll ever do another NANOWRIMO. But never say never, right? I don’t know how I will feel in a year’s time nor will I know how many more stories I can or will tell in that time. I actually started another story in the same universe but with a different character just before NANOWRIMO started and that story is going to be a lot different – a more focused character-driven story with a LOT of romance. I want to give the romance genre a go because I have a lot of ideas about relationships running around in my head that need a place to belong.

Anyway, I have a lot of writing still to complete but I am confident I will reach the target. I dunno HOW I got this far but I am extremely happy that I did.

I will write one last entry for NANOWRIMO on the final day of writing. And in the meantime, I will continue to upload Ethan’s evolving story for those interested. And I would like to wish all my fellow NANOWRIMO writers the very best and I hope you all get to reach your targets by the 30th.

If you’re new to my blog – thank you for coming and welcome! I will assume you’re here for the writing so my current story is the second part to Tales of the West Book I Part I which you can read right here. The first part is Milly’s story which you can read here.

And as always thank you for your readership, your likes and your support, it means the world to me.

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