Writing Update December 2020

Post NaNoWriMo I haven’t done much in the way of writing. I’ve spent time away from my characters and my story which I capped at 47k words. Today is the first day I’ve spent looking at the draft and deciding on the ending which I have now done. That was kinda hard as I had written beyond where I’ve decided to finish Ethan’s story. But I just don’t feel that Ethan’s story moves beyond this particular scene. Even though I did plot ahead in the final “big picture” image I had of Ethan moving forward, I feel comfortable giving my characters this ending. It seems the right thing to do. So I guess there will always be a different version of this story on my computer for my eyes only 😉 which saw Ethan continue on beyond the ending I’ve now given him.

The thing I have come to realise during NaNoWriMo is that even if you have a rough outline of where you want your characters to progress and where you want your story, novel, whatever to go, sometimes things just evolve. It’s hard to explain. As I am a “pantser” and my story evolves as I write, things just happen and your characters almost seem to make the decisions for you. That is what I’ve discovered anyway. I know this is not how many writers feel about their writing journey, but it is unique to each and every one of us. And I honestly didn’t even realise this until doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Have you discovered anything new about your writing journey post NaNoWriMo? Did your story change from what you originally thought out for your characters? Did they take on a “life” of their own too as mine have done? Please let me know in the comments how your experience went this year or any year as I am keen to hear what other writers think and feel during their writing process.

Will my characters Ethan and Milly ever get published? Unsure. As this is my first “proper” attempt at writing for an audience, I don’t know how I feel about where to go from here. I haven’t engaged social media or promoted anything really other than what I’ve done on WordPress. I’ve linked to my stories on my Pinterest where I have a sizeable following and views for other content not related to writing. I would hardly call that promoting my writing though.

And I am still thinking about other communities such as Wattpad and Booksie. Thinking is about all I’ve done lately and I am okay with that. I had a lot on my plate this week with eye surgery on Tuesday and I’m still getting used to not using glasses which has been a strange experience. A lot has happened in just a few months and I’m still processing everything.

I’ll still post to anyone that is interested in reading my stories but it seems I’ve lost a few readers 😦 It’s so hard to tell if anyone is even reading your story on WordPress. I guess “views” needs to equal “likes”. I think I’d die if nobody was reading my story … and yes, I am a tad dramatic 🤣 I guess that’s why I am a writer – too many emotions for one person to deal with!

Anyway, thanks to anyone that continues to support me as a reader, I am grateful for every single one of you.

If you’re new to my blog – thank you for coming and welcome! I will assume you’re here for the writing and you can read my Tales of the West series starting with Milly’s story (Part I) and Ethan’s follow-up story recently completed (Part II).

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  1. I know what you’re talking about Julie when you say your characters “take on a life of their own.” It’s happened to me lots of times. It’s an amazing, kind of weird experience, as if they’re completely separate from you, making their own decisions, and you’re just writing it down. That’s when I consider myself “in the zone” of writing. You’ve really internalized the story and these characters have become a part of you. It’s one of the best experiences of writing. Anyway, I never got too far in the after-writing process, like promoting or sending them out to publishers. That was the hard part; writing was easy compared to all that stuff. It was a hurdle I never could get over. There are a lot of options these day, like self-publishing or traditional publishing, and they all have their pros and cons. It can be a bit bewildering. But congrats on finishing your story, it’s a great feeling!

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    • Hey Tina 🙂 Yeah, I do feel like I have achieved something even if I do nothing further with the story. I have people in my corner telling me I should though so I am thinking about it and that’s all I have energy for right now. I have more important things on my mind such as my eye healing and some family stuff going on but it is a wonderful way to avoid real life for a while 🙂 I mean what is fiction writing if not an escape? I definitely use it for that more than I’d ike to admit lol 🙂 I hope you are safe!

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  2. 47,000 words is an amazing achievement regardless 😊

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