Is Revenge Stronger Than Love?

Tales of the West Book I Part II – Ethan:

Milly has discovered that the brutal murder of her parents was carried out by members of the Jackson Brother’s gang. Could the man she has grown to love be involved in this heinous crime?

Her only way out of this complicated situation is to leave Ethan and the gang. While we leave Milly in Part I of Book I running from the Jackson brother’s and seeking solace in the company of Running Elk, Milly’s story is far from over.

We continue on from this point with Ethan Jackson – the man that Milly has devoted herself to since meeting him. While Ethan may not look the part of a stone-cold killer, he hides it well with his charismatic disposition. Ethan’s story separates from Milly’s, but she is an ongoing influence in Ethan’s life as he struggles with the possibility that he may never see her again.

Things are left unsaid and undone between them but Ethan must now focus on finding out who it was that sold out the Jackson brothers and got his brother killed.

Will Milly seek revenge on the men that killed her parents? Will that include killing Ethan, the man she is beginning to love? Or will she reconcile with him and look the other way? Will their bond endure the pain of the past?

You can find the answers to these questions in Ethan’s story, part II of Book I in my Tales of the West series.

Book I Part I – Milly’s story is here.

Book I Part II – Ethan’s story is here.

If you’re reading my story I’d appreciate any feedback you may have – are you enjoying it or not and why or why not? Please let me know in the comments section.

As always, thank you for coming and for taking the time to stop by.


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