Thank you to anyone that is firstly, reading Tales of the West and to anyone that is STILL reading it beyond book I.

I am going to try something new very soon in the story where one chapter is split between two people telling their version of events as they unfold. I haven’t done this before so I am not sure how it will work for my readers but I am hoping it won’t be confusing and that you enjoy it – that is my priority. What good is fiction if it can’t be enjoyed right?

If you have any feedback for me dear readers, I am open to whatever you wish to say and comments are always open.

So here’s a wanted poster I made of Ethan because it all helps to create the image of my character:

How do you see Ethan in your head? Does he look anything like the person I have chosen for him? It would be wonderful to know!

Anyway, that is all for now. I will be posting again tomorrow with the next few chapters once I get them ready for uploading to the blog.

And as always thank you dear readers for simply making this journey worth it.

For anyone new to my blog, check out my story in the links below:

Book I Part I – Milly’s story is here.

Book I Part II – Ethan’s story is here. (This is completed but being edited currently as I upload to the blog).

Thank you for coming and for taking the time to stop by my humble little writer’s blog 🙂

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