Quick Writing Update – December 2020 #3

I’ve had a few days off with Christmas and Boxing Day and just relaxing and playing video games to get my mind off the noise in my head. Most of that noise is about my writing and blogging, so I rarely think about writing when I am playing video games. Which is the whole point! Writing about writing, writing, and then thinking about writing every minute of every second is detrimental to the process. I think you need time away from everything every now and then. You need to step back and not stress and not get frustrated and take a breather. It’s the best time of year to do that with most people on holiday and relaxing with friends and family.

But my characters call to me eventually, and their untold stories need me to continue giving them a voice. Does that sound weird? It kind of sounds a little weird but I am hoping you’ll know what I mean!

Ethan and Milly’s stories will eventually be over, and I am unsure how I feel about it. Yes, I have other things on my mind for when I eventually stop with their story, but part of me will always be with them, I think.

Anyway, I did write a lot for the second part of Book One of Tales of the West, but I’ve been editing and cutting things out as I go. I don’t know what I am going to do with it once it’s all online. I don’t even know if the people liking it are actually reading it, so I have no feedback about it. That stumps me a little. I am not well-versed in that side of writing. I guess I have a lot to learn.

How are you doing with your projects and stories for 2020? Are you finished with your NaNoWriMo novels or are you editing and cutting things like a mad person?

Let me know how you’re getting on with your writing journey and your plans beyond 2020 as I’d love to hear about any of your own experiences šŸ™‚

Till my next update – stay safe out there!

If you’re new to my blog – thank you for coming and welcome! I will assume you’re here for the writing and you can read my Tales of the West series starting with Milly’s story (Part I) and Ethan’s follow-up story recently completed (Part II).


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