Writing Update – #2 JANUARY 2021

With a new year comes new resolutions or at least new goals. As a writer, I think it’s just as important to celebrate goals you’ve reached as it is to acknowledge goals you still need to achieve. Part of that growth is also embracing your limitations and working out how to move beyond them. I have plenty of limitations as a writer, probably too many to name in one blog post.

This year I have several writing goals I want to achieve and they are all SMART goals so I know I will not be working towards a goal that is unachievable (and yes, I’ve done that many times before).

  1. Enter a writing competition (the goal is to enter one, not to win but to win would obviously be fantastic!) I have never ever competed in a writing competition so I’d really like to do this.
  2. Continue writing the Tales of the West series with my new book and new character Roseanna Beaucannon
  3. Upload my completed stories to Wattpad
  4. Continue to look for and follow-up on prospective writing opportunities in the entertainment industry
  5. Consider other half-written stories and whether or not to expand them
  6. Write more poetry
  7. Read more authors in the genres that I intend to write for

Do you have any writing goals you’d like to achieve this year or at least are thinking about achieving? I am going to keep this list as active as I can throughout the year and I will be posting about my progress as I work through each goal.

I hope you will join me on that journey.

Till my next update – stay safe out there!

If you’re new to my blog – thank you for coming and welcome! I will assume you’re here for the writing and you can read my Tales of the West series starting with Milly’s story (Part I) and Ethan’s follow-up story recently completed (Part II).


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