Writing update #4 January

Today I spent some time looking through old stories I had written, and honestly, some of them were awful. I say that in a good way. Awful in the sense that the idea was a good one, but the writing seriously needs work. I can easily see how much I have matured as a writer as some of these short stories date back to 2008. Yes, a long time ago now.

I have a day off tomorrow, so I will spend a good chunk of the day working out what to keep and what to discard and go from there. I am still thinking about plot progression for my other Tales of the West story, and I realised I still have a lot of work to do on that before I can start releasing it upon the world.

I’ve also spent time reading about other writers and their processes, and it’s quite interesting how different we all are when it comes to our creative process. I prefer to write by the seat of my pants which I believe is called a “pantser”, but I did spend time working on the general plot of Ethan’s story before I started writing. So I guess I have one foot in the “planner” side of things which I think is most probably quite common.

Now I also know why so many writers choose to make trilogies out of their work. It just felt like I had so much more to say when it came to Milly and Ethan, which is why I expanded the story. I didn’t know that ahead of time, it kind of just happened as I was writing. I am constantly learning about who I am as a writer, and it’s a positive place to be in.

I am not sure how long it will take for me to upload content again but just know that I am getting busy with other writing responsibilities now that I am writing for other places. I will think on a timetable for my writing so that I can dedicate time entirely to my fiction writing.

Things are coming along albeit slowly, but they’re coming…

How are you pursuing your writing goals? Are you starting new ones, or finishing other goals you set yourself? I am keen to hear how you are all getting on with your own writing. Let me know in the comments if you like!

Thanks for reading

If you’re new to my blog – thank you for coming and welcome! I will assume you’re here for the writing and you can read my Tales of the West series starting with Milly’s story (Part I) and Ethan’s follow-up story recently completed (Part II).

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  1. I don’t think there are any “bad” ideas. Any idea can become a sub-par story though. It’s always fun to look what we have written before and either say “What was that all about” or “This has potential.”
    BTW- I like the picture you chose. I used the same one in a “New Poets” campaign on StoryOrgin a few months ago.

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    • This is the first time I’ve really looked back at the content I was writing. After I finished my first story, I expanded on that with a second part and now I have completed that too so I am thinking about new projects while also having new ideas pop into my head! And that is exactly what I was thinking 🙂 Some of the stories I wrote I can’t even remember the inspiration behind it and others I am like “ahh yes, I remember you!” Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

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