Finding the Right Premise for My Next Story

Writing about how to create a premise yesterday has put me on the back foot a bit. I am struggling to come up with a premise that works for my story and while I feel like I am close, something about it just doesn’t sit right with me so I can’t use it until it does.

This is actually quite frustrating. I am applying all that I have learned to this task but I still can’t get it absolutely right in my head. And without it, I know I can’t continue writing. I use the premise as my compass, showing me the path to follow through the story. It is in essence the “core” or the foundation on which my story will grow.

Via Giphy

I think I need to do some more thinking and watching and reading to fire up the right piston in my head.

How are you all going with your writing projects? As always, let me know how things are going as I am keen to know!

Til my next post

Keep writing!

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