A Writer’s Thoughts: Have You Ever Followed Someone and You Read Everything They Write Yet You Never Comment?

I have many bloggers that I follow, and I never comment even though I read every word they write. Is that odd? I mean if you really like someone’s work or their way with words or anything about them, you’d think that you would try to reach out?

I have to admit, I kinda feel just fine with reading… there are some blogs that I have followed since day one, and yet I have not made a single comment.

I think that says more about me than it does about them…

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  1. Yes, I do this often, too. I usually give them a like, but don’t always comment unless it pertains to something I feel strongly about. Usually I’m either just too tired to write anything, or my response is simply one of agreement, so why bother, lol.

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    • I think there is a whole culture behind the social media thing and liking a post or a podcast or whatever. What I don’t like about WordPress is that you can never know if anyone is actually reading your posts or not. And it doesn’t tell you if people “viewing” are even followers or just randoms that happen to come across your blog or are referred on by other sources. I need more information dammit lol

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      • I know. I get the feeling that most of my views are people that somehow got to my site, took a quick look, and clicked away, lol. Because I could have 25 views, but only 2 likes. If someone actually took the time to read it, why not just hit the like button while you’re at it? Oh well. At this point, I’m just glad some people are actually ending up here somehow, lol.

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      • Ah yes, I remember those days well when I cared not for the views or the likes lol how far away those days are LOL but seriously, I like it when people comment but I am not exactly trying to be honest. I mean I am lazy when it comes to SEO and stuff like that which I know could improve my stats tenfold most likely but I am slowly starting to read up on it and I am beginning to enjoy learning about it 🙂 so hopefully, that means I’ll be implementing things soon when I upgrade my site 🙂

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