A Writer’s Thoughts: On Publishing, Being Self Published and Beginnings

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I was relaxing this morning, drinking my coffee and just staring at my blog wondering about writing. Then I started thinking about Wattpad (as you know, I’ve been thinking about using Wattpad for my writing) and I suddenly felt quite odd about it. To be honest, I don’t think I am a “Wattpad” writer. And what I mean by that is I don’t write in any of the popular genres on Wattpad. My writing doesn’t really seem to “fit” anywhere on that website. I don’t write fanfiction smut nor do I write steamy erotica for teens. There is nothing wrong with either of those topics, and I know that Wattpad has many genres and tout themselves as the website for everyone if you want to find your audience. I am sure every writer who had any intention of writing long-term wants to “find their audience”. But I am just unsure of whether that is how I want to do it.

I read something about writing somewhere the other day (can’t recall the source): “Every writer has a story that needs to be told”. When I was a kid, I used to have so many daydreams that I now realise was my creative side thinking about writing stories. And I did a lot of writing then (and I cannot recall what I wrote about now but I remember having hundreds of pages written on literally anything I could find). So I know it has and always will be there. But then I think about places like Wattpad, which is a wonderful place for so many people to tell their stories. And I wonder what it would have been like if Wattpad existed back when I was writing as a teenager. I’d probably think differently about it. I guess it is what it is.

I have also thought about self-publishing seeing that is very much an option for writers. I think again that depends on the circumstance and the writer. I know I am not ready to do that. But it’s an option for anyone thinking of getting published that cannot find a home for their writing in the traditional sense. And let’s face it, some prolific writers had made their mark on the world by self-publishing when nobody else wanted to publish them, and that is something I admire. I also think that gives so many writers hope to do the same. And sometimes, hope is all you need for your creativity to shine.

Lots of things to ponder. Sometimes I think this is one of the best parts of being a writer.

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4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Thoughts: On Publishing, Being Self Published and Beginnings

  1. I think I published one story on Wattpad, and then decided it wasn’t the place for me. I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right. I self-published a few on Amazon, and again, it didn’t seem to click. A few on my blog, a few sent out to publications (all rejected) and a few to contests (one placed in the Writer’s Digest competition). So I guess you have to try different things, and see what works best. I never really found the right place, lol, but then again, maybe I gave up too soon. I just got tired and needed a break. Hence, Star Wars! Who knows, I might go back to fiction writing, but not yet. I’m having too much fun with SW, and writing fiction became…not much fun anymore. Anyway, keep going, keep learning, and don’t give up!

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    1. Thanks Tina, that’s really helpful. Well, l think my biggest problem was that I lost the “spark” during NANOWRIMO. I go through these phases where I’ll find my muse (usually a famous actor lol), think up something that I get excited about, put it out into the world and then lose the momentum. I had it all planned out, I was going to follow up Ethan’s story with something more focused on romance (with a little tragedy thrown in for good measure because I love the drama lol) but I just lost the vibe. I am now writing about writing to work through it. I am enjoying myself again but I haven’t touched my story for a couple weeks now. Talking of fiction – have you thought about Star Wars fanfiction??? Kill two birds with one stone 😀

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      1. Oddly, I’m not that interested in fanfiction, lol. Not sure why, but oh well. And I know what it’s like to lose the “spark” and move on to other things. I tried to at least finish the project I was working on before moving on. As long as I was writing something, I figured I was doing all right, lol.

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      2. I believe that’s all a writer can do – if you’re writing, that’s the important part. I know a lot of writers get “writer’s block” and some people say that writer’s block doesn’t exist. But it does for me lol. So instead of not writing at all, I will just go and write something else totally unrelated to my story or whatever I was struggling with. Like my blogs keep me really busy so I always have something to write daily. And then I will revisit my other piece or whatever. I mean we can’t control the creativity. I am sure every writer understands this feeling well 🙂

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