A Writer’s Thoughts – When You Can’t Write

Hello readers and fellow writers. I feel a little introspective today, and I’ve contemplated this blog post for a couple of days. I wrote in my last post about feeling a little burned out. Turns out that feeling a “little” burned out was more of a “writing can just bleep”. Insert expletive of your choice.

I didn’t blog for almost two days. As some of my readers will know, this is a big deal for me. I didn’t write anything other than keeping my journal updated. And even that was difficult, but I knew that if I didn’t write in my journal, I’d be letting myself down.

Journal writing had actually saved me when I had no energy or enthusiasm for words. I do believe there is such a thing as “writer’s block”. I have had many days where inspiration was nowhere to be found, and my creativity had dropped to an all-time low. This is what I consider “writer’s block”. It’s not just the act of not writing; it’s the feelings and emotions tied to that task. You don’t want to write because you feel …. like this (fill in the blank).

Acknowledging those feelings is the first step to getting past whatever is stopping you from writing. But honestly, I felt so bad afterwards. Maybe I am way too hard on myself (not uncommon). Perhaps my first long-term goal should be to let myself off the hook. Writing is supposed to be fun, right?

Looking for inspiration elsewhere is also something that is suggested over and over by many writers. Some suggest to change your location; if your usual place of writing is inside, maybe take a walk and sit down and try to write outside (weather permitting). Some suggest exercise will help. Others suggest to watch a movie or do anything that doesn’t relate to your writing and revisit it when you feel better about it.

I don’t think writing in a specific place contributes to my writer’s block, but that’s just me. Perhaps that suggestion can actually work for anyone who doesn’t mind the noise of life and traffic when they write. I know leaving my writing and coming back to it can work as it has worked for me in the past. But it’s not a sure-fire way to resolve something that stems from deeply rooted insecurity. I guess that’s why having a journal is imperative. Writing through my self-doubt is helping me through the writing issues while healing me at the same time.

I dunno. I’m speculating. I’m not a therapist or psychiatrist, but I know myself well enough to understand my limitations. How can one expect to soar above their limitations if they don’t acknowledge what they are first?

I’ve also introduced positive affirmations from a creative person’s view into my routine to cope mentally and put me in a positive frame of mind. I’ve been reading them for two weeks now, but I’d like to save that for another post. Maybe the affirmations I use can be useful to others, so I’ll visit this topic in my next post.

If you’re new to my blog, welcome, dearest writer! On this blog, you will find a lot of content about writing, the writer’s life and thoughts on the writing process. You will also find tips and tricks and a specific focus on fiction writing from a first-time fiction writer (that’s me!) I wish you the best in your writing endeavours and would love it if you’d join me on the writing journey by following me here.

Thank you for your support! Stay safe and keep writing.



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  1. I think you’re doing all the right things. You’re going to have days where the writing just isn’t going to happen, so it’s best just to accept it and move on. Journalling always helped me, where I could just write through the doubt. I’ve been learning about affirmations, too, and they seem to help a lot. And just doing creative stuff helps, and is just fun.

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  2. The best book I can recommend for what you are going through is “The War of Art”. It will teach you that 90% of good writing is showing up to the blank page/screen on a daily basis.

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