Writing Update #6 – Revised Goals

Hello fellow writers and readers! I hope you are enjoying your day or night so far, and thank you for visiting my blog.

So this fine Saturday afternoon, I have a few writing-related topics to discuss that connects to the goals I set myself more than a month ago.

I guess some people might think that revising one’s goals is cheating. But I think it’s just as important to have flexibility in the goals you set yourself. Things change, situations change and living how we do, especially now, nothing is set. I think it’s important to adjust your goals should they be warranted.

Here is my original set of goals from January updated.

  1. Complete Joe Bunting’s How to Write a Book/Story Structure course
  2. Continue writing the Tales of the West series with my new book and new character Roseanna Beaucannon – see my post here.
  3. Upload my completed stories to Wattpad – REVISED no longer uploading to Wattpad as I don’t think my writing is a good fit.
  4. Continue to look for and follow-up on prospective writing opportunities in the entertainment industry – I am now blogging for pop culture website KLM but also revised this goal a little (more on that later)
  5. Consider other half-written stories and whether or not to expand them – WIP.
  6. Write more poetry – WIP.
  7. Read more authors in the genres that I intend to write for – I’ve started doing this slowly but surely, finding authors and stories I can relate to and use as references for my own writing
  8. Enter a writing competition (the goal is to enter one, not win but to win would obviously be fantastic!) I have never ever competed in a writing competition, so I’d really like to do this – WIP

Via Giphy

I completed the Joe Bunting task, so that’s marked as done. But the WIP goals are all still in progress and/or to do. I’ve also left Medium, and I’ve discovered Vocal, which I will try and see if it’s a fit. I want to start writing more about Film but not just doing reviews. I want to start writing opinion pieces that I think could be well received on Vocal (plus, there is the added advantage of making money off my writing). Any bit helps, right?

I’ll write a Medium versus Vocal post once I get the lay of the land there. I’ve only just created my profile, and I’m in the process of writing a draft for my first article. But again, we’ll see how things go. It might work out fine, and I might really enjoy it. But I’m in a very transitional phase right now with my writing. I don’t feel “settled” anywhere except on my blogs. To grow as a writer, I need to get my work out into the “world”, and blogging platforms like Vocal are a good way to do that.

As for finding authors to read, I am currently reading a book about Star Wars called The World According to Star Wars, which I am enjoying. I couldn’t get into The Outlander. I thought it would be right up my alley, but it wasn’t. Something about the author’s writing style put me off. I acknowledge I am a fussy reader, and I’m working on that too.

But goals aside, I am still writing daily. I have kept that promise since 04/03/2020. Another reason to have a journal is to see how far you’ve progressed and grown. Sometimes we need encouragement from ourselves to continue. I think self-validation is just as important as validation from others. It’s not vain or egotistical to want to improve or acknowledge that improvement in yourself.

Are you keeping journals or diaries, dear writers? How do you track your progress as a writer? Please let me know in the comments, as I am keen to read all of your stories!

If you’re new to my blog, welcome, dearest writer! On this blog, you will find content about writing, the writer’s life and thoughts on the writing process.

You will also find tips and tricks and a specific focus on fiction writing from a first-time fiction writer (that’s me!)

I wish you the best in your writing endeavours and would love it if you’d join me on the writing journey by following me here.

Thank you for your support! Stay safe out there and do what you can to keep writing!

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  1. These are all great goals. I think it’s essential you have some flexibility and not hold yourself to some rigid checklist. Looking forward to your thoughts on Vocal; I’ve heard of it but haven’t taken the time to look into it yet, lol.

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    • Yeah I am looking forward to testing the waters. I mean I tried Medium and I just don’t want to write the types of articles most of those writers write. I like that Vocal is also long-form mostly which will give me the option to write to length rather than worrying about word count being too long for audiences to read. So it seems like a much better fit than Medium on that side of things but we’ll see 🙂

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