Writing Update #7 – Interesting Decisions

Hello fellow writers and readers! I hope you are all keeping safe out there and writing up a storm!

Today I made a huge decision to remove my short stories from my blog. The reason for this is I’ve been reading about publishing, and some publishers won’t consider your work if you’ve published it online. They apparently consider that as “published”, even if it’s on your own blog.

I also decided to take it down because I want to rework Milly’s story to see if I can fit in parts of Ethan’s story into hers, so I have one story instead of two. I did think about this when I was finishing NANOWRIMO and wondered if I could edit both parts and combine them into one book. That would certainly give me enough material for one book. It would be completely reworked, so very different from the version I had written before and during NANOWRIMO last year.

So this will also tick off one of my goals to continue working on Tales of the West, just not in the way I expected. But sometimes, that is what being a writer is, at least for me – part of the excitement of being a writer is not knowing where the road will take you. I guess that’s why I love it so much!

So here’s to the unknown wonders that await us all in our fictional worlds. I hope you are all having fun with your writing. I think that is also a significant part of being a writer and loving what you do.

How are you getting on with your own writing or projects? Do let me know in the comments, dear writers. I’d love to hear about your journey!

If you’re new to my blog, welcome, dearest writer! On this blog, you will find content about writing, the writer’s life and thoughts on the writing process.

You will also find tips and tricks and a specific focus on fiction writing from a first-time fiction writer (that’s me!)

I wish you the best in your writing endeavours and would love it if you’d join me on the writing journey by following me here.

Thank you for your support! Stay safe out there and do what you can to keep writing!

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  1. Yeah, I’ve heard that about posting your stories to your blog, that it’s considered “published.” Which always frustrated me, because really only 3 people in the whole world had laid eyes on it, lol. But probably a good idea that you take them down if you want to try to publish later.

    I just heard today about the earthquake in New Zealand–I hope you and your loved ones are okay.

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    • Yeah if I want to publish the stories that I wrote I will need to rewrite them into a different version if I want to actually publish at all 😦 but I think I can probably do that because I keep coming back to these characters over and over so something is still needed from me I think 🙂 And thank you Tina! There were three earthquakes which caused NZ to go into a nationwide alert about Tsunami warnings. People up the north of the North Island had to evacuate and some people further down closer to my city had to as well. But the alert for my city has now been removed so phew we were very lucky 😀

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