Writing Update #9 – Vocal Approved!

Hello fellow writers and readers!

Yesterday I posted about writing for Vocal and waiting for my first article to get approved for publishing. Well, it was approved this morning, so I am quite happy about that. I don’t know whether or not Vocal has a “curation” process like they do for Medium, but I’m going to keep writing as much as time will allow. I feel a lot better about Vocal being home for my writing than I did with Medium.

Over at Medium, I got so caught up in the process of writing for an audience that I actually lost my own voice! I know that sounds odd, but I felt so intimidated over there. Medium has so many great writers who know what their audience wants to read. I had zero clues, to be honest. I guess that you have to try new things to find your truest self as a writer. It may not seem like a big deal for some writers who are used to shopping their writing all over the internet (which is perfectly fine, by the way), but I am not one of those writers. I know I need to be more like that and more open, but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want to end up being a “clone” of anyone else. I felt that everyone was copying “this template” and reading so many “this is what you need to do to succeed on Medium” articles. I became easily overwhelmed, and my anxiety kicked in big time. That is when I knew it wasn’t a good fit for me as a writer.

When I feel more at home at Vocal, and I’ve spent a month or two there, I will write a comparison article about the two services to help other writers who might be thinking about joining Medium or Vocal. I feel very focused to do that for my readers.

That is all I have today, my friends. Stay safe out there, and I’ll catch you in the comments or in my next post.

If you’re new to my blog, welcome, dearest writer! On this blog, you will find content about writing, the writer’s life and thoughts on the writing process.

You will also find tips and tricks and a specific focus on fiction writing from a first-time fiction writer (that’s me!)

I wish you the best in your writing endeavours and would love it if you’d join me on the writing journey by following me here.

Thank you for your support! Stay safe out there and do what you can to keep writing!

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  1. Yay, that’s great, Julie! Looking forward to your thoughts on Vocal.

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    • I have had a massive two reads on that first article lol but honestly, I wanted to find a space where I could write what I really want to write about the topics I love. If people read it and like it, great! If they don’t that’s fine too, I want to keep writing for the love of writing. If I make anything from my writing that way, it’s an added bonus to the biggest gift of all which is self-expression. Over at Medium, I felt like I had to sit inside this template and only blog about certain things. That was an awful experience. Now, I can write as much as l like about the topics I know the most about and just leave it there for the world. Some people might read it and that’ll be great 🙂

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